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Deterioration Mapping

We provide Deterioration Mapping in Reinforcing Steel Utilising the latest software

GP Radar Scanning will provide a qualitative assessment of your concrete structure by plotting the strength of reflection in its rebar. As we overlay the resulting data directly on your floor plan, you will be able to identify the exact location of bar corrosion and degradation.

Rebar detection

Over time, concrete will deteriorate due to elements, the changing seasons, and lack of maintenance, corroding the steel inside of the concrete structure. Left untreated, these conditions will worsen over time. GP Radar Scanning can determine potential problem areas long before deterioration is visible on the surface or before concrete starts separating and sprawling on the underside of the slab, endangering any residents or users of the structure in question.

This service is especially valuable for work on parking garages, bridge decks, manufacturing facilities, oceanfront hotel balconies and any coastal structures.

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