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Why Us?

Why Us?

GP Radar Scanning specialises in providing ground penetrating radar services to both commercial and residential clients.

We are the best at what we do because that’s all we do. Our technicians are trained and experienced in using all of our high-tech equipment.

They average approximately 220 jobs per year. All field personnel complete the OSHA 10-hour construction safety course to ensure all of our work spaces meet safety requirements.

The professionals from GP Radar Scanning have worked in some of the most high-profile job sites in the country including:

We work with a variety of customers

GP Radar Scanning works with a variety of contractors, including construction site managers, electrical and mechanical contractors, and general contractors to improve the safety record and working conditions on the job site.

We work with engineering firms to deliver a comprehensive picture of project areas and existing structures in combination with our field services and the implementation of computerized aided design (CAD) mapping services.

GP Radar Scanning partners with environmental consulting firms in our detection of underground storage tanks.

GP Radar Scanning serves facilities management groups to ensure the quality of construction, preserve the integrity of facilities during construction, and promote a safe environment for the communities surrounding facilities such as hospitals, universities, retail locations, and manufacturing plants.

Ground Penetrating Radar Used For Large Projects

We are proud to work with homeowners as you embark on renovations, remodeling, or new construction on your home. We can also aid the process of property ownership transfer by allowing you to know what lies within your new property.
GP Radar Scanning helps surveyors detect unknown structures that fall within survey boundaries during a site survey.

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